//what is the solution for replacing ro membranes every time

what is the solution for replacing ro membranes every time

what is the solution for replacing ro membranes every time  within 1-2 years

it is an very frequent question.  There can be many reasons why an RO system suffers a loss in performance, Membranes get chocked and ro membrane  is unable to produce the proper result  and/or quantity and/or quality of permeate water. It is a waste of money and maintenance of industrial ro plant.  The cost of ro membrane we can prohibitive versus to implementation

 What is the solution for replacing ro membranes every time

when you buy new RO plant please keep these tips . Here is some of tips to reduce our cost of changing ro membrane. tips for when we buy a new industrial ro plant. we have to keep these things in our mind.

We have to design Ro plant according to complete water analysis  If there are seasonal variations or varying sources

When the municipal sources  , you can and be sure they are recent  analyses. But the most importantly thing , keep sharing water analysis with your OEM of RO or technical team to review because they know better than you  A timely corrective action, shall protect, increase life of the membrane and reduce operating cost.

This Is the impotent Maximize the cross-flow velocity in the elements

If the higher cross flow velocity reduces we have to know about that the concentration of salts and foulants at the membrane surface by increasing their diffusion back into bulk feed stream above the membrane surface.

Regular Cleaning and Flushing of membranes-

Flushing of RO System with permeates water at the end of production or shut down help in removing high TDS water from the system. If you don’t flush the system, these salts may start settling in the surface of membranes and spaces in RO elements. Mild chemistry shall be applied during Cleaning of membranes if you do it at right time. Aggressive chemistry may damage the membranes and open the pore size, resulting in degraded quality of RO permeates.

When we Design the RO system flux rate conservatively, especially if the potential for fouling exists

We have to keep our mind that total Area of membranes should be optimized. As a thumb rule flux should be around 26-28 Liter/m2-hr. It should not exceed 30 Liter/m2-hr.

Invest in the appropriate pre-treatment

Get it best and optimized. Over and under design can cost higher.

Select the right membrane for the application and water analysis report.

Wrong selection of membranes can cost you money or quality of Ro

Pls ask free analysis of above points.

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