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We deals in industrial reverse osmosis plants according to we need for ground water and any other water The product range starts from 100 lph (liter per hour ) to 10,000 lph  (liter per hour ) 250 tds to 5000 tds and reduce tds 90 to 99%

We deals in mineral water plant  with best quality of product the aspect of turnkey system ,in mineral water plant we gives 100% high quality product national technology providing mineral water plant with various accessories water treatment plant reverse osmosis and other accessories which needed for mineral water project  we treat water raw water to water purification system revers osmosis it produce mineral water then bottling machine for filling bottle size 200 ml to 2000 ml and also poach packing machine different type pouch 200 ml to 500 ml and jar 5 ltr to 20 ltr

We deals in water softener plant  the water softening plant are based on the proven ion exchange process. The water softener are simple in operation, high result and compact  size provide soft water  the water softener available in different size and material manual operation and automatic operation  ready to install the water softener plant are available as standard model as customer requirement. the water softener available range frp water softener up to 50 m3 and ms water softener up to 200 m3  MS water softener  with rubber lining  up to 500 m3

We manufacture   excellent quality demineralized plant (dm plant )  with technical advanced process. deminralized water plant provide y our company  is high demanded in various industries and municipal sector. To regarded as one of the trusted demineralized  water plant in north India  . the water free from any mineral is called deminralies water (dm water ). Natural occurring water has various salts in dilute from which is called solids TDS when the water having such mineral is required to be free from this its treated in ion exchange resin when the water pass form ion exchange cation and anion reign  the water totally mineral free  we deals in all  size of dm plant low 1000 LTR capacity to high capacity 100 m3

Usually a mix bed unit contain strong acid cation resin and strong base anion combined to a ratio of approximately 40% cation resin and 60 % anion resin according to water volume and feed water and water quality and 0 tds water requirement mix bed installed when if need water tds less then 1 ppm normally installed after reverse osmosis ( ro plant ) or demineraliser  plant (dm plant ) to produce high quality water   we deals in various size of capacity mix bed unit plant

We manufacture sewage treatment plants for treating sewage water of industry , large colonies , hotel , hospitals ,IT park , commercial building. In these  days  sewage treatment plant (STP) is basic need of all state pollution control board, everyday hotel and industrialist are need sewage treatment plant and operate compact type sewage treatment plant its working on principle national technology with help of bacteria Which is most conventional and proven method the world . we deals in all capacity of sewage treatment plant in all over north India

We manufacture  of effluent treatment plant(etp) for recycling of waste to reduce water damage. The treatment plant solution work at various and involves various physical , chemicals , biological. We provide solution of effluent treatment plant (etp) for different different industries we customize effluent treatment plant (etp) to maintain efficiency are provided to industries. These system includes physic chemical treatment, biological treatment, Tartary treatment to achieve the zero discharge standard laid by statutory authority we provide innovatative and economical system for waste from industries like chemicals , drugs pharmaceuticals , refinery, dairy, ready mix plant & text tile etc.  we deasl in all kinds of effluent treatment plant (etp) and capacities in north india

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